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MotorWeek Sings Praises of Striking 2017 Ford Explorer

If the search for your next vehicular purchase has led you to the full-size crossover class, we here at Hagen Ford Inc. would be quick to hook you up with ours, the 2017 Explorer.

Why, though?

Get the inside scoop from our pals at MotorWeek; their evaluation of the Explorer can be found in the clip below:

Posh and polished, the range-topping Platinum model is undeniably remarkable.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a feisty, 365-horsepower turbo-V6 engine, a panoramic sunroof, a parking assistance system, adaptive cruise control, ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel ...

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Have Fun!

Going on a road trip spells fun, but not if you're not prepared. You don't need to plan every little thing, but you do need to plan at least a little bit to avoid unnecessary stress. Just making a list of things to do and bring can be very helpful and you will avoid wondering if you locked your doors or not when you are hundreds of miles away form home. Be sure to bring an emergency roadside kit that is fully stocked with the things you will need in an emergency situation. You should have a First-Aid…
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Did You Know This One Small Thing Can Ruin Your Car?

You probably don't even think about it but one small thing that is found on every road in the world can cause problems for your car if left unchecked. Everyday dirt can impact the function and longevity of your car over its lifetime. You wouldn't throw a handful of pebbles at your car, would you? That is what mother nature does every time it rains! Not only rain from above but water in puddles splashes up into your car's undercarriage. Your car's paint job protects it from the elements. Dirt can cause imperceptibly small scratches in…
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Be a Courteous Driver

Pre-checks are not just for professional truck drivers. Anyone who drives a vehicle on the road should do a pre-check (even a quick one) before hitting the asphalt. You should check for things like leaks, and you should also make sure that all of your fluids are topped up-especially before you go on a long trip. You should also check to see if your tires are properly inflated and make sure that the tread looks good. It's always a good idea to make sure that you have enough gas to get to where you are going, as well. A…
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Can Changing Your Driving Habits Save You Money?

Finding ways to save money is an important practice is many people's lives. One money saving practice is to improve your driving habits. Improving and changing your driving habits can boost your fuel economy and by doing that save you money. Here are some ways you can change your driving habits to increase your miles per gallon.

Avoid traffic at all costs. Try changing your driving times and routes to avoid traffic. Time spent in traffic and in idle motion wastes on gas. Leaving a few minutes earlier or later or taking backroads can save you on driving time…
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The 2017 Ford Escape Allows You to Bring More Fun Along for the Ride

The 2017 Ford Escape can help you to bring more of your life aboard your adventurous journey. The all-new Escape has a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. Choose the Class II Towing Package and bring your additional cargo with no worries. Comfortably seat up to five passengers in this spacious ride. You can even fold the rear seats so that you can fit even more of your cargo inside for traveling, camping, creating, and more. On the 17 inch wheel models of the Escape, there is the option for adjustable loading. The roof rack side rails let you carry…
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The Importance of Roadside Preparedness

Nobody wants to start or end their day with a motor vehicle accident. Whether it’s work, school, sporting events, family outings or dinner dates we all head out into traffic every day. We all know it’s better to be safe than sorry and is probably the most obvious reason for a roadside emergency kit.

There are an estimated 20-50 million motor vehicle accidents per year and being prepared in advance can make all the difference. Having your vehicle disabled on the side of the road is no fun at all, but you can lessen the impact of the…
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