Did You Know This One Small Thing Can Ruin Your Car?

You probably don't even think about it but one small thing that is found on every road in the world can cause problems for your car if left unchecked. Everyday dirt can impact the function and longevity of your car over its lifetime. You wouldn't throw a handful of pebbles at your car, would you? That is what mother nature does every time it rains! Not only rain from above but water in puddles splashes up into your car's undercarriage. Your car's paint job protects it from the elements. Dirt can cause imperceptibly small scratches in the paint and eventually it will reach the metal surfaces of your car. Washing your car is not only a matter of appearance. The saying goes that beauty starts from within but for your car the reverse is true as well. Your car's paint isn't just beautiful on the outside, it protects the inside!
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