2 Winterization Tips All Bay City Drivers Should Consider

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Though September is, by astronomical definition, still the tail-end of summer, you can feel winter on the horizon in northern climes like Michigan. Now is the perfect time to get your Ford ready for winter, so you are fully prepared before the first snow starts falling.

Test your battery's cold cranking amps (CCA)

The most common reason drivers need roadside assistance in the winter is because the car will not start due to battery failure. A battery loses up to 60 percent of its electricity output when temperatures drop to 0 degrees Fahrenheit—not an unusual temperature around Bay City. Testing the CCA before winter will ensure your battery won't leave you stranded.

Buy new winter tires

How long have you had your winter tires? If they are more than six years old, or the tread is worn out, it's time for a new set. Snow tires offer the best traction, and best stopping distance, on slippery snow and ice. Don't settle for all-seasons, which are not designed for below-freezing temperatures.

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