Don't Forget The Importance Of Clean Air While You Are Driving

When you take your vehicle out for a spin, you probably don't consider the importance of clean air in achieving a good driving experience. Clean air in the cabin provides a more comfortable atmosphere while clean air in the engine equals better performance. Air filters make both scenarios possible.

The cabin air filter works in conjunction with your vehicle's climate control system to remove dust, pollen, and other particles. The engine air filter performs a similar job in keeping dirt and other contaminants out of the engine. These filters become dirty and clogged over time and this can be hastened if you drive on dirt roads or areas with a lot of air pollutants.

Due to the fact that your cabin and engine air filters will eventually become dirty and clogged, they need to be routinely checked and replaced. Feel free to come see us at Hagen Ford Inc. in Bay City and we will get that take care of for you.
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