All-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive made simple

All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles are two of the most common platforms for newer vehicles that are coming out onto the market today. Manufactures have seen that front wheel drive vehicles are no longer sufficient to keep drivers on the road as families start moving out of the city and into the country. A growing number of these families are looking for all-wheel drive passenger cars or crossovers and four-wheel drive pickup trucks. They may have weekend hobbies that require them to tow a trailer or to haul heavy loads, and a four-wheel-drive pickup truck would be great for that. Similarly, they may have families and convenience of getting in and out of a passenger car, and if this is the case, then an all-wheel-drive model would be best for them.

​Come check out your options at Hagen Ford Inc. located in Bay City and let us show you the pros and cons of both in person.
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