When and How to use Kitty Litter, Salt, and Sand for Ice and Snow Conditions

There are methods to prevent your tires from sliding in the winter, whether it is by using salt, kitty litter, or sand. All three of these options make it possible to get out of the snow when your car is stuck.

Using kitty litter can absorb water and allow your car to get unstuck from a bad situation. Kitty litter will also give you traction in icy and snowy places, while salt dissolves quickly. People can use sand at home in their driveways during the winter to aid in parking their car and getting it out of snow. A car won't be able to make it through driving on thick ice without the road being salted down, or there is another solution put on the ground. At the store, you will find that you can buy salt, but it can sometimes be out of stock due to high demand.
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